Why Troy


Why Do I Do What I Do?

Because I care.

You’re not just a number. You are a human.

Is this why you are here?

I’m not here to sell you, I’m here for you to make a choice.

Are you ready to claim what’s yours?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nonstop searching, looking everywhere for a change in my life. Hoping, praying, believing that there was something out there for me. Something more, something bigger than what I was currently doing.

It was early 2013, I was 23 years old. Stressed to the max, trying to make everything work.

I always knew there was so much more that I could with my life. I was playing small, yet at the time I had no idea.

I kept hitting a glass ceiling in my industry, I was an interior contractor. The only way to play a bigger game I thought was to hire more people, and pick up bigger jobs.

Profit margins were slim, and the stress was stacking on thick.

I’ll always remember this day, I was working a “contract” for a big company, I was in a higher up position, but I spent most of my days searching for something new.
I met a mysterious man on LinkedIn. I seen his profile, knew he knew something I didn’t know. I reached out to him, we exchanged messages back and forth for a few days and I really wanted to connect with this guy.

He told me “No.” Read this book first “The four hour workweek” I wasn’t much for reading at the time, but I was craving…pretty much salivating at the thought of change.
So, long story short. I read the book, sent a message back to him immediately and we got on a call.

We met at a local Starbucks, he was wearing a silky black shirt and I was wondering…”Where did this guy come from?”

We talked for a little bit and at that moment, I knew I was going to work with him. I didn’t have the money at the time but I figured it out. I scrapped together everything that I could.

I picked up side jobs. Did whatever it took.

I knew he had the keys to the kingdom.

At this time, I was overweight, living the cheeseburger diet. I was about 225Lbs, depressed and wanting so much more out of life. I knew I had so much more inside me.

So, I invested in working with this man, and I started going through trainings every single day. I was on a mission to become the best human being I could possibly be.

Overtime my life started to change. At a rapid pace.

I had lost 55Lbs, I started to pick up higher caliber work…I felt a sense of fulfillment and what I found was truly a blessing.

Fast forward three years later, I’m just wrapping up a 7 month stay in Indonesia, and I’m working on projects with people all over the world.

ALSO! I met the love of my life Alecia Repp online through a community I started.

At the time of this story I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My home base now is one of the best cities in the world Vancouver, British Columbia.

I’ve opened up my company Exclusive Branding Agency and I also run a Marketing Agency as well. I’m working with BIG players now, top notch executive entrepreneurs and investors too.

It took only a few months to notice massive change after learning some secrets, what has happened in three years has blown me away.

I’m running an agency and consultancy now full time and also involved in quite a few lucrative partnerships.

I’m starting a non profit for Oceans and my mission is to globally impact the world.

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